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Robyn Saurine

Position:Yoga teacher
Experience:20 years
About Robyn I fell in love with yoga during my early 20s and have practiced for over 20 years. After many years attempting to balance corporate life with my creative and yogic side, I finally decided to listen to my inner self and dedicate myself to personal practice, naturally moving me into my passion for teaching others and supporting them on their journey. My philosophy is that “I teach yoga to provide my students with empathy and kindness to assist them to listen to their inner self and find their bliss.” As a yoga teacher, indie artist and self-confessed empath, I am dedicated to connecting with my students and concentrating on their specific needs. My focus is on functional yoga rather than aesthetics. My training started in the Ashtanga style with Tribe Yoga in Austria then continued onto Yin with Jo Phee from Singapore then to Natal with Baby Bliss Yoga in Byron Bay. Currently I’m undertaking 350 hours of Zen Ki yoga training with Janie Larmour, which is a fusion of Japanese yoga and Chinese Medicine. I am and will always be a student of yoga, constantly learning and developing myself and my practice to share with others. Yoga is about harmony between our physical, mental, and spiritual aspects, and listening to your body and inner self is key. This is your best guide to finding your bliss not only in Yoga but in your life!