Startup@Happy Mountain (for Beginners)

Introduction to meditation, breathwork, postures, body-awareness, relaxation

Geraldine has been running Happy Mountain classes for 19 years on the north coast of NSW. She has an Assoc. Dip in Health Science (sport and exercise), and spent some years prior to this, working in the fitness industry, in corporate fitness and fitness centres in Sydney and Brisbane. Due to her interest in yoga, tai chi and qi gong, a desire to learn more about following a spiritual path, her love for music, and the intention of helping others to live a healthier and happier life, she started running Les Mills Bodybalance classes in Alstonville in 2000, which were based on the above eastern disciplines, and choreographed to music. The classes have evolved into her own style and are now called Happy Mountain. Geraldine also does private classes for those not comfortable, or ready, to be in a group class.